Experience the Outdoors


A New Future for Billabong


Nature of Identity


Fall 2017


Pick a brand and bring it back to life with a complete re-branding and fresh design strategy, while still remaining true to its original brand soul. Making use of audience, conceptual, historical, marketing, and visual research analyze the potential future audiences and design the new brand’s futuristic vision. Helping Billabong in this way to transform itself.


Re-branding, strategic forseight, experience, nature


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Billabong’s re-branding concept was “being in the right place, at the right time to get connected with nature.” Based on this, the approach to this project was to create a simple but holistic identity system that expands from the boardshorts sector to a new one focused on social and personal growth.



The final symbol for Billabong’s re-branding, here presented, incorporates the 3 Main Ideas of “outdoors”, “fun” and “integration”. It also incorporates visual elements that proved to have visual potential during the sketching exploration phase (both hand drawn and computer sketches).

The symbol of the sunset and waves is apparent on the upper half. While the gray organic “swoosh” enforces the idea of movement and “taking off”.  

The new word mark takes inspiration on the typeface Archer Semibold Italic and presents new modifications, like the pointy terminals designed to resemble the symbol’s “swoosh”.


The red highlights the changes made from the original Archer font to the custom Billabong one.