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Art in times of Covid
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Design a digital extension for any internet browser that will provide its users inspiration resources, access to a global creative community, project tools and wellness resources.

January 26th - April 1st 2021


General Assembly



Digital plug-in, creative community, mental wellness, inspiration resources, Covid art


Digital browser extension

Since this pandemic has greatly affected artists & creatives psychologically - how they see themselves, the world and their artwork - creatives now need access to safe spaces and resources that inspire and help them in a more mindful and humanistic way.


The Problem

Solo artists and creatives now need access to safe spaces and resources that inspire and help them in a more mindful and humanistic way.

We Interviewed Artists & Creatives And Asked Them: 

Due To The Pandemic And Quarantine Restrictions:


There is now little to NO investement in the sector.


Physical spaces for exhibitions and shows are no longer a viable option.


Opportunities for growth & exposure are now more restricted than ever.

How has this pandemic and lockdown restrictions affected you as an artist/creative?

Abstract Bird's Nest
Image by Camilo Fierro


Designer & Photographer

Except taking way less photos in last year, I also started to think about building my own brand online. 

Image by Sam Moqadam


Digital Producer & Visual Creative

The restrictions affected me a lot, specially because of the uncertainty. I felt very blocked, I resisted a lot to be creative.



Fashion Designer

Not being able to go to the theater and shows, to go outside...these were my sources of inspiration and now they’re all gone.

Image by Amauri Mejía


Illustrator &

It brought on a huge creative block for me but I also went back to therapy, I could tell straight away things weren’t going well.

Image by Noah Buscher


Multimedia Artist

It ended up becoming a necessity to be essential and technically artists aren't essential specially during this pandemic.

We Also Asked Them:

What do you believe to be the most important thing artists and creatives need at the moment?

“Not just money but having an actually opportunity to showcase their work and not depend on Instagram or an algorithm.”

“I think right now artists and creative need mentors, people to help and guide us.
We need that type of support.”

“Access to a community of artists! It’s imperative to be in contact with other artists, to exchange things & inspirations.”

Interview Insights

Insight #1

Creative blocks and inability to produce and get inspired.

Insight #2

The effects of this pandemic and lock down on mental well-being.

Insight #3

Lack of and/or difficulty to access inspiration resources and a lack of a supportive creative community.


How can we help artists and creatives develop a safe sense of community where they can have access to resources that will aid in exposure, productivity and mental wellness.


Design Brief

What is it?

A plug-in button that can be installed in any browser. 

Who’s it for?

Visual artists & creatives (initially).

In order to?

This plug-in button will overall help creatives find inspiration and have access to resources that will improve their productivity, have access to a global creative community and overall improve their livelihoods (especially now during the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.)

How does it work?

The user can download the plug-in button that will live on the top right side of their browser window. Whenever the button is activated it will help gather inspirations and insights, connect user to other creatives (domestic and international) that are searching for similar insights and conducting similar projects.


One of the features will provide access to creative groups, brainstorming sessions as well as help its user create and manage any projects/tasks via “Project Tracking” and “To-do Lists”. 


Another feature will be access to mental wellness resources targeted especially for creatives and customized to each
user’s need.

Target Audience


The Solution



Let's surround ourselves with beautiful things.

It's time!

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