Unusual Typography


Ceramics and Typography


Experimental Typography


Design a series of three posters for a hypothetical architecture conference that represents the concept of the event using single words that are handcrafted and handmade letterforms.


Fall 2016


Typography, handmade, experimental


Architecture Posters
Handmade Letterforms


Clay has been used in architecture and construction for many years but has always been seen as a secondary element despite its great importance. However ceramics is now experiencing a revivalin architecture and its special charms are being rediscovered, more specifically is ability to take any shape, the casting of mysterious shadows, and it’s huge ornamental potential. This project’s concept explores exactly that, to showcase the different usage and facets of ceramics through typography. 


Thus the posters are categorized by common applications of ceramics in both architecture and construction: 1. Construction & Building: Ceramic blocks 2. Indoors Residential: Bathroom utilities and 3. Indoors Residential: Mosaics for decoration.